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Oh,I forgot. Entrance by air into the Ukraine at this time is restricted,and unviable.So,we are going to wait till near the end of our trip and try to get in. And if we cant get to Hermann Dahlke’s grave,we have decided to return when times get better,perhaps say in 9 months or so.

Well,Simba and I are here in Prague. We had a raher eventful getting here.I tripped on a small curb,feel face first and broke my nose.This was in NY,just before we were to leave for Prague.With my huge handicap(XD) we were treated like absolute gold,and were escorted onto the plane before anyone.Not a bad idea to gain entry first at an airport!

On the plane the heat was soooo bad that someone fainted,but,..it really actually was a comfortable plane. THEN,..we get to Prague and find a nice room in the Marriot hotel there..Thing is,that when we looked around the first thing we thought of was the Cold War era.In architecture and decor. 

Well,..the hotel itself is kinda fun,cos you can transport yourself back to that industrial bland time. 

It’s 4 am,and we’re gonna go up to our rooms in a bit. Then we’re off to downtown to see if there really is that postcard beauty all the photos show you online. :}

We leave on Thursday for Berlin,on a train.


We’ve met some nice people,and some not so nice people here.Already.

I’ll be posting photos of my tattoo when we get back.Simba and I got the same one,


Ok,so I take a shower,and all is well.I get out,dry off,and proceed to shave the edges of my eyebrows so they’re nice and neat.(And NOOO,..I do NOT pluck!! It hurts!) Next thing I know,I feel a sharp sting,cos I am watching the clock.I have cut the place between my eyebrow and my eye.It is now dripping blood,and showing no signs of stopping.

I am very annoyed,………….>:{

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